Turner: incidents of persecutions, abuse, and violence are troubling

მაიკ ტერნერი Photo: wikipedia

Congressman Mike Turner, Chairman of the US Delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, released a special statement after meeting with Georgian Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee, Tedo Japaridze on 24 July. Turner expressed his concern over the incidents of "persecution, abuse and violence" in Georgia.

"The House passed my amendment to demonstrate the shared concern by my colleagues that the political situation in Georgia has been plagued by allegations of persecutions, abuse, and violence. Georgia has many allies in Congress who expect the newly elected government to function as a strong democracy. The incidents of persecutions, abuse, and violence are very troubling. Democratic institutions must be treated with the dignity and honor that the Georgian and American people expect. This is the strong message I delivered to Georgia's delegation, led by Foreign Minister of Georgia Maia Panjikidze, last week," the congressman said.


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