UNM MP: Turning a blind eye to economic problems did not work

ზურაბ ჯაფარიძე Photo: netgazeti.ge

MP from the United National Movement Zurab Japaridze has released a statement calling on the government to face reality and admit existing economic problems.

In the statement Zurab Japaridze says:

"According to official data of the Finance Ministry, tax revenues dropped by 1.3% in April, by 4.3% in May and by 12.8% in June, compared to corresponding periods of the previous year. According to preliminary data of the National Statistics Office of Georgia published today [31 July], the economic growth decreased by 0.8% in June whilst in May, the same indicator stood at 0%.

"This means that the economy is deteriorating instead of improving. This means that the government's tactic to turn a blind eye to economic problems and pretend that nothing alarming happens did not work. This means that today many more Georgian citizens experience hardship than a year ago. This means that we have entered a sort of negative spiral which will be very difficult to exit."


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