Statistics show rise in especially grave crime


The indicator of initiation of criminal proceedings increased in June 2013, as compared to the same month of the previous year. According to the official statistics, this indicator has shown an increase in especially grave crimes by 112%, in assaults by 100%, in drug crimes by 153%, in robberies by 71% and in stealing by 31%.

According to the head of the Centre for Policy Analysis, Otar Kakhidze, "since the police and the prosecutor's office have not introduced ultramodern methods of fighting crime in recent times, such increase in initiation of criminal proceedings and doubled data clearly reflect an upward trend in especially grave crimes."

In early February, Interior Minister Irakli Garibashvili maintained on Rustavi 2 TV channel that the crime statistics remained unchanged as compared to previous years. Back then, Garibashvili attributed the sense of deteriorated crime situation among society to the coverage of crime by media. According to Garibashvili, media did not cover crime as extensively before as it does now.


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