Davit Usupashvili: Spending so much time on the past is a mistake

დავით უსუფაშვილი Photo: netgazeti.ge

Chairman of Parliament Davit Usupashvili has spoken about mistakes and problems of the new government in his interview to Channel 9 TV company.

"I will tell you what is our mistake which needs to be urgently rectified – it is spending excessive time and energy and placing excessive emphasis on the past by representatives of the new government. We must show everyone, including investors, that we think more about what should be done in the future. This is a very important topic. I do not want 'those people' [the former government] to pull us into that [stalemate] and to spend next nine months on talks about [President] Mikheil Saakashvili. Seeing that, businessmen think: is that the main topic of this country?" Davit Usupashvili said.

Other problems in the government, according to Usupashvili, are a slow speed of decision making process and the procrastination of the "process of reinstatement of justice."

"It has been more than nine months now that the government has assumed the responsibility. We must either investigate whatever needs to be investigated or stop doing that and continue living. This is a very important issue. Justice can never be reinstated if people are held in constant stress," the parliament speaker noted.

According to Usupashvili, nine months, or maximum one year, is that time-span which is sufficient to respond to concerns of those people who, for example, claim that their right to private property was infringed. "That private property is in the hands of another person now, is it not? Those others are now waiting to see what will happen to their property – will they be deprived of that property or retain it and be imposed a fine. We must formulate our position and clearly communicate it to everyone – tell them what will happen. Uncertainty is the most damaging thing for the business. Therefore, we need to add more clarity to our economic plans," he said.

Yet another problem in Usupashvili's view is a slow speed of decision-making process. "However, this has its objective reasons. In a system in which everything is decided by two or three persons, it is easy to take decisions – one can merely give instructions by phone. We are introducing democratic procedures; but we should not allow this process to move us to the other extreme – considering one and the same topic many times and failing to arrive at a decision. This is a serious topic which we work on and want to rectify," the chairman of parliament said.

"And finally, people must see the benefit of the principle of distribution of power in reality. That the parliament and the government are physically divided does not mean anything. Therefore, we are interested in concrete issues in terms of what the parliament can do for the improvement of the economic situation, how it can contribute to this topic. Dismissing that nothing serious happens by saying that 'everything will be all right' will not be a correct attitude," declared Usupashvili.



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