Norland: there is no justification to occupation of sovereign territory

Photo: აშშ-ის საელჩო საქართველოში

US Ambassador to Georgia, Richard Norland, commented on an interview of Prime Minister of Russia Dmitri Medvedev, in which he talked about the Russia-Georgia war of August 2008, accusing the Georgian side of starting the war.

According to the US Ambassador, a lot of studies and analyses of the August war have been conducted and everyone agrees that each party made mistakes, but, Richard Norland continued, there is no justification to the illegal occupation of a sovereign territory.

As Richard Norland said, the US works with Russia, Georgia and representatives of de facto authorities of Sukhumi and Tskhinvali and is involved in talks in order to find reasonable ways of settling the issue.

We are focused on the international Geneva talks, but in a short term perspective, we should pay attention to humanitarian aspects to enable people to cross administrative boundaries without impediment, said the US Ambassador to Georgia. I do not think there is a place for a new Berlin wall in the modern world, Richard Norland noted.


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