President of Georgia

President speaks of “mass suspicious deaths” in prisons


Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili commented on the death of prisoner Levan Kortava in Geguti prison, saying if someone had killed a prisoner following prison administration's order, he would be declared as an enemy of the humanity. "I have already been declared as one," the President said speaking at the meeting with media representatives on 20 August.

"Today I saw reactions of several Parliament members on this removal of conviction. These are the MPs who overcame President's veto on pedophiles. How can they speak up when several cases happened after that. Yesterday one person killed another because of a girl, it has been several years since I last heard that someone got killed because of a girl, or a boy, does not really matter. There have not been loud incidents in Batumi between the residents of Batumi and Tbilisi. When was the last time when whatever is now taking place in the prisons happened before? It has been confirmed in case of Levan Kortava that he was beaten to death following the order of prison administration," Saakashvili said "if during my government someone was killed because of prison administration's order, I would have been declared as an enemy of humanity. I was already declared as one. This case went unnoticed – not a big deal, someone was killed after prison director's order but we should keep him because apparently he is a main witness in Akhalaia case. Mass suspicious deaths have been taking place in prisons, because gambling has started in prisons; it means that the crime is now governed from the prison. The system of "prison watchers" has returned," the President said.

Saakashvili noted that he considers the amnesty as anti-state action, which, according to the President will bring negative consequences. "Criminal policy in Georgia was very strict, because the situation was criminalized in the country. We should be honest that we were neither Switzerland, nor Denmark when we took over the country. The country was in trouble, that's why zero tolerance policy against crime was then justified," the President added.



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