Georgian Prime Minister

PM: Saakashvili might face prosecution

ბიძინა ივანიშვილი Photo: ტაბულა

Georgian Prime Minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili said in an interview with Bloomberg that President Saakashvili might face prosecution for corruption. "All are equal under the law. Georgia was smothered by the corruption of the elite and Saakashvili at a minimum had to know about it or even participate in it," Ivanishvili said, adding that "investigators must prove it and the courts must decide, but there are issues with him." Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili called Ivanishvili's claims "ridiculous".

"Any hint even at corruption by my government or me are ridiculous, especially from people who brought back the old corrupt elites that we basically eliminated from power... We had one of the least corrupt governments in Europe. Any kind of menaces from this prime minister are aimed at only one thing - to eliminate political opposition in the country," President Saakashvili said.

''In June, the US House of Representatives condemned the ''political'' arrests and prosecution of Saakashvili-era officials, warning they would affect political, economic and security cooperation with the US," Bloomberg reports.  "The Americans and the Europeans had the wool pulled over their eyes," Ivanishvili said "they're in shock that what they thought was the most democratic country in the region, was practically a dictatorship," the PM told Bloomberg.


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