Statue of Stalin splashed with paint soon after being erected in Telavi

სტალინი Photo: გიორგი მაჩიტიძე

A statue of Joseph Stalin which was erected in Telavi, Kakheti region, on 1 September, was splashed all over with paint later in the day.

According to available information, the cost of designing and casting the Stalin statue was covered by private contributions. The opening ceremony of the Stalin statue in Telavi was held by the organization Stalinists and the Veterans' Union on 1 September. Later on the same day, it became known that the monument might be dismantled. The chair of the local city council, Dima Bochoridze, told reporters that the council had not issued a permit on erecting the statue and he had learned about that from media.

This is not the first time that Stalin's statue was painted. Several months ago statues of Stalin were painted in pink color in the villages of Zemo Alvani and Akura as well as Kiketi.



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