PM speaks of reasons of exiting politics but promises return if need be


"My mission is to put an end to missions of messiahs. For this to happen, it is not sufficient to defeat the existing messiah - it is also necessary to ensure that I do not become a messiah myself too. Therefore, I have to leave [politics] soon," Bidzina Ivanishvili said in his open letter released on 2 September, in which he explained the reasons of his planned exit from the politics in near future.

In the open letter, Ivanishvili said he succeeded in achieving the aims of putting an end to "total monopolization of power" by President Mikheil Saakashvili and protecting the society, which he set when entering the politics in 2011. "The current government is better than any of its preceding ones and the society is also best protected from the arbitrariness of the government," he said.

Dividing his functions into governmental (the prime minister), political (the leader of Georgian Dream coalition) and social (an active citizen), Ivanishvili said he intends to give up the first two functions and stick to the third one: "I intend to do so because I have already performed my modest role in the first (setting up an efficient state governance) and second (creating a multiparty democracy) areas and I believe my team members will continue performing their tasks even better without me." As regards the third "most important" direction, "there is much to do but doers are few and considering certain circumstances, I can do a lot in this area."

Thus, Ivanishvili said, he is not going anywhere but is staying "here" and intends to "optimize his societal functions and the role."

Bidzina Ivanishvili did not name his successor but assured that "a new prime minister whom I will propose to my team and the society will be a very interesting person who will successfully deal with the entrusted tasks."

He praised the government activity as "efficient to a maximum extent," in which each and every minister fulfills their tasks themselves whilst he is busy "controlling the performance of basic parameters."

As regards the Georgian Dream coalition, the prime minister said that this multiparty coalition was created for a minimum term of four years, i.e. until the next parliamentary elections, and he expressed belief that the coalition will continue to exist for that term even after his exist from politics. "At the same time," he said, "one cannot rule out that someone may decide to continue its political activity outside the coalition earlier than the next elections. I think this will be a political mistake of a concrete person or a group, which will inflict damage only on them,"

Under active citizenry, he does not mean "people who are patriots only emotionally, always prepared to sacrifice themselves for their homeland. I mean a person who is patriot by reason, who is always ready to think, argue and work on issues pressing for the country and people."

According to Ivanishvili, emotional patriotism prevails in Georgia to date. Proof of that was every election conducted in Georgia so far, including the 2012 October elections, in which the Georgian Dream coalition was elected by the "dictate of heart and emotions, not because of a political manifesto;" the coalition was supported because people thought it could defeat the former government. Consequently, he sees his function in building such a society which will cast ballots with responsibility and after elections, keep tabs on the elected government. To this end, "we need to start building the civil society in a speedy manner and put the government under a permanent public control."

As Bidzina Ivanishvili said, the current civil society – non-governmental organizations, expert circles and media, involve numerous people who through their publications or discussions seriously influence the public opinions and positions. "However," Ivanishvili continued, "one can often feel the lack of qualification and/or conscience [among them], which causes inconsistency in fundamental issues, superficiality, blurring the line between private and public." Hence, according to Ivanishivli, the civil society has failed to create and maintain correct orientations and standards.

The prime minister said, the aim of his moving to the civil society is: to speed up a professional growth of civil society actors; to bring new faces into the civil society and accumulate and introduce new ideas; and to develop an effective mechanism of control over the government, "which means not only criticizing [the government] but offering it healthy ideas for the development of the country or any branch of the power."

He said, he also intends to work a lot with youth in order to "enhance their activity and involvement and consequently, their responsibility in processes going on in the state and the society."

Bidzina Ivanishvili said that the achievements which he and his team made provide a solid ground to trust his decisions. "I know perfectly well what I want to do and what this will bring to the society. I will dare and remind you that from the very first day of my entry of the politics I have done almost everything, including forecasts, without a mistake," he noted.

Ivanishvili will inform the society about the date of his exit in advance, after he becomes sure that "the presidential elections have been conducted successfully." At the same time he expressed his firm conviction that the Georgian Dream presidential candidate, Giorgi Margvelashvili, will win in the very first round of elections.

"I will leave [politics] when I have become sure that no one and nothing can change the course we have chosen, when all state bodies and senior officials are up and running and when I have become sure that the country develops in a stable way," Ivanishvili declared.

However, the current Prime Minster of Georgia does not rule out his political comeback: "Even though I am sure there will be no need of that, if this becomes necessary, I will return to active politics again."


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