GPB Board declares vote of no confidence to Director General

გიორგი ბარათაშვილი Photo: /

Public Board of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB), on 6 September, declared the vote of no confidence to the Director General of the GPB, Giorgi Baratashvili. This is the second time since Baratashvili took office that the Board declared the vote of no confidence to him.

According to the GPB's Public Board member, Giorgi Meladze, it has been three months now that the Board has been trying to receive from the GPB management the information about the future programming plans of the broadcaster and corresponding financing. However, he continued, any attempt to create a normal working atmosphere throughout that period proved a failure.

Giorgi Baratashvili was first dismissed from his position by the GPB Public Board in March 2013. Back then, the Board cited the failure to prevent tense and unhealthy climate from emerging in the company as the ground for his dismissal. Baratashvili was reinstated to the position by a court decision.


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