Bidzina Ivanishvili: Problem of Georgia stems from its society


Prime Minister of Georgia Bidzina Ivanishvili has said in his interview to Latvian newspaper, Telegraph, that the problem of Georgia stems from its society because the people can neither make a choice nor control those who have been elected.

"I will help society in taking correct decisions; making analysis; acting reasonably, not emotionally. Together with the society we will develop a mechanism how to correctly evaluate a situation. This is not a simple task because we have not run our own country for 200 years now," Ivanishvili said.

In his interview to Latvian telegraph, Ivanishvili also talked about his departure soon both from the position of prime minister and the politics . As he noted, he said at the outset of his political activity that he would leave politics within two or three years.

"People are upset about my decision, but the first thing I declared upon entering the politics was that I would leave it in two or maximum, three years and would get involved in developing the society. After leaving the politics I will be an active member of the society. Each president of Georgia was worse than his predecessor. During the governance of the first [president] a civil war broke out in the country, the second was replaced by the revolution whilst the third has proved to be worse than those two preceding presidents," the prime minister noted.

In the interview, Bidzina Ivanishvili explained the reason why he entered the politics.

"Throughout all my conscious life I kept repeating that politics did not suit my character and therefore, I was not fond of it. But I had no other way but to enter it. I was the only free person left in the country, my days were counted; I had to leave Georgia because staying here was becoming dangerous. However, three days prior to my departure I took a decision that abandoning the country would be a shameful step on my part and thank god, I took that decision. At that time, business was under a total control, the political opposition was quashed, others lacked funding because no one was allowed to support them. When I entered politics, the key thing was not that I had money, but that I was highly esteemed in the country and I had to use that moment," declared Ivanishvili.


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