Russian military resume installation of barbed wire fence in Ditsi


Russian military have resumed the installation of barbed wire fences in the village of Ditsi, Gori district, along the occupational line with the Tskhinvali region. The works on the installation of the fence on this territory, which started about three months ago though were suspended later, resumed on 17 September.

When Russian military started installing the barbed wire fences for the first time, they told local residents that the village fell within the territory of so-called South Ossetia and showed them a map, dated 1922 year, as a proof. Local residents declared back then that they would not cede their lands and would not allow their houses to appear on the territory controlled by the Ossetian side.

The local administrator of the Ditsi village, Zakaria Vatikadze, has said the situation is tense in the village because of this development. According to him, earlier on 17 September, Russian military threatened him with arresting and convoying to Tskhinvali if he would not obey.


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