Draft Law

Officials and media might face fines for lack of knowledge of Georgian

საქართველოს პარლამენტი Photo: RFE/RL

Violation of the norms of the state language will lead to administrative responsibility for officials and the representatives of mass media, according to a draft law initiated at the Education Committee of the Georgian Parliament on 26 September. According to the initiative, the amendments should be applied not only to the law on State Language but to the Administrative Code as well.

According to the proposed amendments, rejecting a written document or a statement with the motive of not knowing the state language by an official will result in a fine of GEL 200-500. In case of repeated action, the fine will increase up to GEL 1500. Restricting the right of choice of education or discrimination with the language sign will also lead to administration responsibility, according to the initiative. In this case, an individual might be fined with GEL 200-500, and a legal entity - with GEL 500-1500.

According to the proposed amendments, mass media outlets might also be fined for violating the norms of the Georgian language: for the first case with GEL 1000-to 5000, and in case of repeated violation - with up to GEL 10 000.


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