Travel Restrictions

MP on proposed travel restrictions: agiotage truly excessive

საქართველოს პარლამენტი Photo: RFE/RL

Member of the parliamentary majority, Irina Imerlishvili commented on the proposed draft law imposing additional restrictions on citizens of Georgia for leaving the country, saying there has been "excessive agiotage" over the draft law. "No new regulations or restrictions are envisaged to be imposed on the citizens of Georgia for crossing the border with the new draft law. The norm defined by Article 22 of the Georgian Constitution which is currently in force has been moved in the relevant legislation, in the law that regulates crossing the border by citizens," the MP said, adding that the Parliament will hold "detailed discussions" on the draft law. Parliamentary minority criticized the draft law. MP Akaki Minashvili said restricting a citizen from leaving the country, unless he is under criminal investigation, is unacceptable. 

The draft law, envisaging imposing temporary restrictions on leaving the country for citizens of Georgia, was initiated by parliamentary majority MPs, Irina Imerlishvili and Zurab Abashidze. According to the draft law, amendments will be applied to Article 10 of the Law on Rules for Georgian Citizens on Leaving and Entering Georgia, which regulates why a citizen of Georgia might not be allowed to leave the country.

According to the current legislation, travel restrictions apply if criminal or civil proceedings have been launched against a person, or if a person has not served the term ruled by the court, or if a citizen possesses forged or expired travel document. According to the draft law, a person might be restricted from leaving the country if a relevant institution determines that it is necessary to do so due to state or/and civil security interests. Persons will have a right to appeal the decision in court.




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