Prime Minister of Georgia

Ivanishvili: not inviting Tabula to the meeting result of “misunderstanding”


Georgian Prime Minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili said at the meeting with the heads of the information services of Georgian TV stations and the anchors of various talk shows on 2 October that not initing TV company Tabula to the meeting was a result of a misunderstanding. According to the PM, Tabula attended all briefings of the Prime Minister. He said that Tabula is a "bigger force" in print media and "probably, that's why a misunderstanding happened," adding that "briefings should not be held because of this."

Director of TV company Tabula, Tamar Chergoleishvili held a briefing together with Tabula staff at Bidzina Ivanishvili's residence on Wednesday. She said it was the second time that Tabula was not invited to the Prime Minister's meeting with the representatives of media outlets.

"With this action, he prevents us from fulfilling our duties in front of our viewers and readers. The point is that he is the Prime Minister and it is Tabula's duty to be present at the meetings with Ivanishvili and ask the questions that Tabula viewers and readers are interested to hear answers for," Chergoleishvili said "no one, neither the Prime Minister can blame Tabula of violating professional standards, which could have been a legitimate reason for ignoring us. A number of researches on media conduct have demonstrated Tabula's professionalism. This gives us grounds to conclude, that the only reason why Tabula is not being invited to the meetings with the Prime Minister, is our different opinions supported by arguments. Apparently, the Prime Minister and his circle are afraid of Tabula's qualification and its argumentative criticism," she added.

Tamar Chergoleishvili announced at the briefing that Davit Paichadze will anchor a social-political talk show on Tabula TV. "You are aware of how shamefully Davit Paichadze's talk show was closed down on Georgian Public Broadcaster – on the broadcaster which is funded with the taxes paid by us and which is obliged to respond to the tastes of all layers of the society, including ours. I am pleased to announce that Dato Paichadze will anchor a social-political talk show on Tabula TV free of charge," Chergoleishvili told reporters.


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