Bacho Akhalaia Case

New prosecutor in Akhalaia's case pledges to bring it to a close

Georgia's former Interior Minister Bacho Akhalaia speaks to media at the prosecutor's office in Tbilisi Photo: Irakli Gedenidze / REUTERS

New prosecutor of the so called prison mutiny case, Levan Adeishvili pledged on 7 October, that he would bring Bacho Akhalaia's case to a close. Adeishvili asked for 15 days to study the case materials, however, the judge gave 10 days term to the new prosecutor.

"I learned today that Ia Darjania [previous prosecutor in Akhalaia's case] was planning to motion for self-recusal. So, I expressed the desire to come to the session, in order the process not to be delayed. If I had not arrived today with Ia Darjania, the process would have been postponed. At the next trial, the new prosecutor would have asked for another term and this would facilitate the delay," Adeishvili said, adding that he does not agree with the position of the defense. "Prosecutor's actions are not aimed at delaying the case. I was a prosecutor at Tengiz Gunava's case. It was drawn to a close, and I assure you, we will drive Akhalaia's case to a close as well," he said.

Previous prosecutor in Akhalaia's case, Ia Darjania motioned for self-recusal on Monday. According to Darjania, both, her and Akhalaia's spouse, Ani Nadareishvili are from Abkhazia, saying she was under a psychological pressure from their common acquaintances.

Nadareishvili described Darjania's motion as a "ridiculous". "Her actions are ridiculous. This is the third session Darjania is attending and she found out only now that I am from Abkhazia? I have no words. This is simply a circus!," she said.


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