Russia may revise its attitude towards import of Georgian wine

გენადი ონიშჩენკო Photo:

The Russian sanitary service has denied 28 types of Georgian alcoholic beverages which Georgian producers sought to register for the export to the Russian market, Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia Gennady Onishchencko told the Interfax news agency on 8 October. Onishchencko did not exclude that Russia might reconsider the issue of the import of Georgian alcoholic drinks to Russia.

According to Gennady Onishchencko, the sanitary service of Russia had already disqualified the production of several producers - including Schuchmann Wines Georgia, Askaneli Brothers, Imedi-96 and Akhalsheni-2005 - for the incompliance with the quality requirements.

The Chief Sanitary Inspector of Russia said that this fact "makes us question once again the desire of the Georgian side to establish long-term, stable and civilized relations; only a stable quality of products supplied to the Russian market may become the basis for such relations."

"Such a large number of negative opinions [about the quality of Georgian alcoholic products], especially on the registration of such types which were expected to be the best, proves that not all wine producers in Georgia have drawn conclusions from that multi-year-long situation which we [Russia and Georgia] had. This provides us with the ground for a possible revision of our attitude towards the intention of the Georgia side to establish partner relationship with Russia," Onishchencko said.


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