NGO: Russian military prevent population from participating in election


Russian military stationed in the occupied Tskhinvali region prevent  Georgians living on the other side of the occupational line to cast their ballots in the presidential election of Georgia held today [27 October], Irina Putkaradze, the chair of the non-governmental organization, Public Defender, said during a news briefing on 27 October.

The NGO Public Defender monitors the conduct of election in the conflict zone and as Putkaradze said, Georgians who want to participate in the presidential election cannot cross the occupational line from the villages of Gugutiantkari, Ditsi and Tamarasheni because the Russian military blocked the occupational line.

"We appeal to the government of Georgia to apply all available levers in order to ensure that citizens are allowed to cross the occupational line and cast their ballots in the presidential election," declared Irina Putkaradze.

According to her information, on 26 October, the Russian military blocked the territory in Akhalgori, thereby limiting the movement of the local population.


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