Ex-PM's farewell letter: that's how simple it all actually is

Photo: fb.com/OfficialBIDZINAIVANISHVILI

Georgia's ex-Prime Minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili responded to claims on his possible influence on the government after leaving politics in a farewell letter published on 21 November. Ivanishvili said the letter was aimed at responding to the "only question" raised following his statement on quitting politics.

"Part of the Georgian, the European and the American society asked whether I was planning to rule the country from behind the scene," Ivanishvili wrote in his letter titled as Postscriptum, describing the allegations as "absurd." Ex-PM said he used to assist the previous government with his advice and funds, however, according to Ivanishvili, he "never asked anything in return" and "never participated in governing the country." The former Prime Minister pointed out that he left his position at the "zenith of the authority."

"This is probably hard to understand for many, because no one can name an example of such a step of a politician. Probably, this is what confuses some people, because for any political party or a political leader one of the main motivations and goals is to come to power, to rule the country and lead the state affairs according to their own point of view," Ivanishvili's letter reads "I want to address everyone – let's not remain hostages of a universal stereotype, we should believe that a person can have excess wealth and power, and still have his heart and mind somewhere else, because there are higher values for him - being a free citizen of a free homeland. My temporary arrival to politics and my quitting politics served fulfilling this dream. That's how simple it all actually is."




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