FDI increases in Georgia in third quarter of 2013


In the third quarter of 2013, Georgia received the total of 239 million USD foreign direct investments (FDI), according to the National Statistics Service of Georgia (Geostat). This is the 3% growth on a similar indicator in the second quarter of the same year.

The preliminary data of Geostat shows that in Q3, 2013, the FDI increased by 20% as compared to the same period of the previous year; however, the second and third quarters of 2012 saw a significant decrease in FDI inflows: an annual decrease in FDI in Q3, 2012 was 38.5% whilst in Q2, 2012, it comprised 11%. According to Geostat data, the least amount of FDI entered Georgia after the peak of global financial and economic crisis, in the third and fourth quarters of 2012.

According to preliminary data of Geostat, the largest amount of total FDI inflows in Q3, 2013, accounted for international organizations - 20%. The second largest investor was the USA with its 15% share of total investments. The most attractive fields of Georgian economy for FDI in Q3, 2013, were financial and transport and communications sectors: some 20% of all FDIs was invested in the financial sector. The same amount of total investments went to the transport and communications sector too.



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