Rustavi 2 reporter not allowed into Ukraine


Rustavi 2 TV station journalist, Davit Kakulia was not permitted to enter Ukraine. According to Kakulia, border police officers told him that he had been blacklisted and that he had no right to enter Ukraine for a year.

"We were going through passport control. Once our cameraman, Levan Kalandia was let in, a border officer asked me to follow him. They brought me to the interrogation room and started filling some documents. I asked what documents they were filling in and what kind of problem I was facing. They told me that according to the decision of the Ukrainian security agencies, I was banned from entering Ukraine or carrying out any activities there. They handed a document which says that as a journalist in Ukraine I violated the country's legislation, and consequently, the security services put me in a list of suspected persons. I was told that I can enter the country only after a year," Kakulia said, adding that he was told the case can be settled only if the Georgian state gets involved.

Rustavi 2 TV station reported that Ukrainian officials have declined to make any comments over the issue. Davit Kakulia had been covering the events in Ukraine since the start of demonstrations in Kiev.

Tabula TV journalist, Dimitri Avaliani faced problems in Ukraine too. Ukraine's immigration services told Avaliani to leave the country in 24 hours' time.


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