Georgian MFA: we strongly condemn use of force in Ukraine


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia expressed concern over Tuesday's violent clashes in Ukraine. In a statement issued on 19 February, the MFA condemned use of force in Kiev and expressed condolences to the families of the persons killed as a result of the confrontation between the law enforcers and the demonstrators in the center of Kiev.

"We strongly condemn the fact of use of force and are extremely concerned over the tragic events in Kiev, which resulted in a number of victims. We express our condolences and support to the families of the deceased and injured persons. Unfortunately, a citizen of Georgia is among the victims. The processes that we are observing with concern are absolutely incompatible with democracy, human rights and the European values," the statement reads "we join the international community's calls for the Ukraine's government to take active steps in order to go back to the format of dialogue and to avoid turning the situation into a large-scale civil confrontation. It is the responsibility of all governments to respect the choice of their citizens and to ensure freedom of expression. We reiterate our solidarity with the people of Ukraine in this extremely difficult moment and believe that peaceful dialogue is the only way to resolve the existing political crisis."

According to the latest reports, 25 people died on 18 February in the clashes between the law enforcers and the demonstrators in downtown Kiev, including a citizen of Georgia, a journalist and 9 policemen.


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