Khidasheli: Georgians turned out to be tougher than Ukrainians


Georgians turned out to be tougher than Ukrainians, Tina Khidasheli, member of the Parliamentary majority said on 19 February. Speaking on Tabula TV's live political talk-show Focus, the MP pointed out it was possible to draw a parallel between the latest events in Ukraine and the dispersions of rallies in recent past in Georgia.

"When a government goes against its own people, it usually ends up very badly. This is a very logical, inevitable, natural process. Democratically elected authorities do not use violence against their citizens, they do not talk to their citizens through army, special forces and weapons. As soon as they start talking in this manner, as soon as they do anything to defend their power, then, for example like Saakashvili, who cannot come to the country, they stay out," Khidasheli said.

The MP stressed that Russia had contributed to the events in Ukraine, however, she excluded a possibility of similar developments in Georgia. "I do not expect similar complications as in Ukraine, because today Georgia has the government that came to power based on the citizens' firm choice. That's why this type of complications are impossible and absolutely not expected in our country," she said.

According to Khidasheli, the citizens of Georgia turned out to be tougher than the Ukrainians, because, as the MP pointed out, despite the fact that the international community did not impose any sanctions, it managed to end the "violent government" more easily. "The population of Georgia sent off the National Movement without the international community's reaction. So, we turned out to be tougher than the Ukrainians. We ended our violent government more easily than the Ukrainians," Khidasheli said.


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