Citizen of Georgia dies in Kiev clashes

დათო ყიფიანი Photo:

Second citizen of Georgia, Dato Kipiani died in clashes in the capital of Ukraine on. Kipiani was an activist of the United National Movement and the Tavisupali Zona organization. According to the representatives of Tavisupali Zona, Kipiani was killed by two sniper bullets.

Ukraine's Health Ministry reported that 77 people died in Kiev as a result of a confrontation between the police forces and the demonstrators. According to media reports, the death toll has reached 100 people.

Negotiations have been underway between the President of Ukraine, the representatives of the opposition and the EU authorities to regulate the situation in Ukraine. The results of the negotiations are expected to be announced later on Friday.

Former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili wrote on his Facebook page on 21 February following the report on Kipiani's death that the latter was a member of the UNM, but he stressed that Kipiani was not in Kiev "because of the interests of the party, or for any other political interests."

"Many ask a question what Georgians are doing in Ukraine. They say that this is not our struggle. In reality, on Maidan, where we are witnessing the demise of the Russian empire, the fate of Georgia is being decided," Saakashvili wrote.


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