Georgian parliament to continue discussing resolution on Ukraine


The parliament of Georgia will continue debates on the text of resolution in support of Ukraine today [6 March]. Yesterday, the parliament failed to adopt the resolution.

According to the minority MP Zurab Japaridze, the parliamentary majority is against using the word "sanctions." "They do not want to use the word 'sanctions' with regard to Russia whereas the entire international community speaks about sanctions and isolation [of Russia]. They [the parliamentary majority] are also against tying the issue of occupation of Georgia with the topic of occupation of Crimea as well as with the topic of pullout of Russian military forces from Ukraine," Japaridze said.

For his part, the majority MP Gia Volski, said that the United National Movement (UNM) uses this issue for political speculations. "The formulation is so comprehensive that I suspect that the UNM, for the sake of its own political speculations, raises such topics which the Ukrainian parliament itself does not view as a pragmatic solution in the existing situation," Volski noted.

The UNM parliamentary faction drafted the resolution on Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. On 5 March, the parliament discussed the draft resolution but failed to adopt it. UNM MP Goka Gabashvili named two points in the resolution which  the majority MPs opposed: first, that the parliament shall supports sanctions adopted by the international community against Russia and second, that the issue of de-occupation of Georgia shall be tied to the issue of Crimea. Gabashvili also said that a segment of parliamentary majority supports the draft resolution whereas another segment demands a softer wording of the resolution.



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