Georgian parliament adopts resolution on supporting Ukraine

საქართველოს პარლამენტი Photo: RFE/RL

On 6 March, the parliament of Georgia adopted the resolution on supporting sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, proposed by the parliamentary majority, by 74 votes to 0, after having rejected the draft proposed by the United National Movement by 27 votes to 6. According to the UNM MP Zurab Japaridze, the UNM draft was voted for by majority MPs Tina Khidasheli, Shalva Shavgulidze and Darejan Chkhetiani and voted against by majority MPs Karlo Kopaliani, Gia Zhorzholiani, Davit Saganelidze, Gogi Kavtaradze, Tengiz Khubuluri and Davit Onoprishvili.

The text of the resolution reads:

"The recent aggressive acts of the Russian Federation against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including the use of military units on the territory of Ukraine in violation of provisions of the bilateral agreements and the threat of large scale military aggression, pose a serious threat not only to friendly Ukraine, but also to Georgia and the entire Europe.

Therefore, the Parliament of Georgia:

1. Expresses full support to the European choice of the freedom-loving Ukrainian people, as well as sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine;

2. Strongly condemns forceful actions against sovereign Ukraine by the Russian Federation as well as all other actions carried out in violation of basic principles of international law and bilateral agreements;

3. Appeals to the Government of Georgia to continue consultations with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and in case of need, to provide meaningful humanitarian aid to brotherly Ukrainian nation;

4. Appeals to the Government of Georgia to actively participate in peacekeeping, monitoring and humanitarian missions planned in Ukraine under the aegis of UN, OSCE, EU, Council of Europe and other international organizations;

5. Calls on the Russian Federation to immediately withdraw all those military units from the territory of Ukraine, which are deployed in the country in violation of international agreements, and to stop all actions directed against Ukraine's statehood;

6. Calls on the international community, primarily the European Union and the United States, to take efficient political, economic and diplomatic measures to assist Ukrainian people, to defend Ukraine from the aggression of the Russian Federation, to avoid armed conflict and to achieve Georgia's de-occupation;

7. Supports the spirit of the Address of the Verkhovna Rada [parliament] of Ukraine to the Guarantor States' parliaments and international organizations, including on setting up special groups for negotiations to de-escalate the situation;

8. Calls on the European Union and NATO to speed up the process of integration of all those countries, including Georgia, into these organizations, which are ready for that and whose free choice are increasingly endangered."



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