Russian edition: Georgia may be awarded MAP this year


Georgia may be granted NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) in September, the Russian edition Kommersant reports based on its sources in NATO headquarters and the US Department of State. According to the edition, this will depend on the developments in Ukraine – if Russia decides to annex Crimea, the alliance may award the MAP to Georgia at its summit in Wales.

"Russia's actions in Ukraine renewed the discussion about the need for the alliance to pursue more decisive policy in the Eastern Europe. That Tbilisi's application for the status of a candidate must be met is something which is being talked about by such statesmen who used to advise earlier to refrain from speeding up this issue," a source in NATO headquarters told Kommersant.

A source from US State Department told the Russian edition that the award of MAP to Georgia is actually a foregone decision if Russia annexes Crimia. According to the source, the only country which may impede this is Germany, whose foreign office is led by "loyal to Moscow" Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

However, the US State Department representative believes that Russia's annexation of Crimea will change this attitude too, because such a step is deemed unacceptable by every European country.



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