Prosecutor's Office summons Saakashvili for questioning as witness

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The Chief Prosecutor's Office summoned former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili for questioning as a witness on 22 March. According to the Prosecutor's Office, Saakashvili has been summoned in relation to several cases, including the cases of Sandro Girgvliani and Zurab Zhvania.

"Considering a high interest of the society, Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia explains that the case is related to the fact of releasing the convicted G. Alania, Al. Ghachava, M. Bibiluridze and A. Aptsiauri on pardon upon the Ordinance N768 of the President of Georgia issued on 24 November 2008. The above-mentioned persons have been convicted of the crime committed on 28 January 2006 against Alexandre (Sandro) Girgvliani and Levan Bukhaidze," the Prosecutor's Office statement reads "Thereto, Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia notes that the investigation on a number of cases is on the conclusive phase and Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia faces the necessity of interrogation of M. Saakashvili."

The Chief Prosecutor's Office listed other cases on which it plans to interrogate the former President of Georgia.

"For the purpose of informing the public at the fullest extent, Office of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia publishes the list of cases where the interrogation of M. Saakashvili is necessary:

On the fact of illegal raid on TV "Imedi" in February 2008, subsequent breaking by the high rank officials into the TV Company and taking it into unlawful possession as well as regarding the other illegal acts committed against the family of the late A. Patarkatsishvili. The mentioned case ended with the memorandum concluded on 6 July 2011 between the Government of Georgia and the family of A. Patarkatsishvili;

On the fact of embezzling 8 837 461 GEL belonged to the Special State Protection Service within the period of 2009-2012;

On the criminal case being conducted with the aim of ascertaining the circumstances related to the death of the Prime Minister of Zurab Zhvania;

On the fact of conceding the shares under coercion by the legitimate owners of TV Rustavi 2 and TV MZE in June 2004;

On the fact of the liquidation of G. Krialashvili as well as on the fact of wounding L. Amiridze and K. Otanadze in due course of the special operation conducted for the purpose of detaining the fugitives Koba Otanadze, Levan Amiridze and Gia Krialashvili wanted for the so called 'Mukhorvani Mutiny' on 20 May 2009.

On the fact of embezzling the property of Agromet Ltd., (Agricultural University of Georgia) being under the state ownership on 24 February 2014;

On the fact of illegal privatization of the state property to BZKZ Ltd., under the Ordinance of the President issued on 31 October 2012 by giving advantage to his uncle T. Alasania;

On the fact of giving the estate property being under the state ownership and worth to 3 million USD to the founders of the TV Company "TV-25" aired in the Autonomous Republic of Adjara by symbolic price 1 GEL in February 2012 with the aim of controlling the mentioned TV company during the election period;

On the fact of concealing the property put under mortgage in the bank by means of selling it falsely aimed at artificial bankruptcy of the bank "CARTU" in participation of the high rank official and under their arrangement within the period of 2011-2012."

The Prosecutor's Office said the former President should appear for the questioning in the capacity of witness on March 27, at 13.00.


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