Saakashvili on Imedi TV case: it was reaction to complex factors

მიხეილ სააკაშვილი Photo:

Former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili spoke about the Imedi TV case on 25 March, saying "maybe it was not even worth" to raid the TV station. 

"Entering the TV station is always something bad and after these years I might agree with you that maybe it was not even worth it to do so. I want to speak openly about what was happening then. One of the leaders of CIS, whom I do not want to identify now, because he's still in power, told me the following: after his talk with Putin in his capital, Patarkatsishvili and some Federal Security Service generals arrived there . We are talking about September 2007. Patarkatsishvili went there under the motive he was a chairman of an olympic committee, however he did not ask anything about olympics or sports matters, and they locked themselves in for a while with these generals and planned an operation in Georgia. Afterwards, around November, at one of the CIS meetings, Putin said Patarkatsishvili was the President of Georgia. Earlier, in October Federal Security Service sent us a letter that a thief-in-law Busoiani, Kalashov and some third person, had arrived to Armenia with Federal Security Service officers and were planning unrests in Georgia in November. I am simply reminding you chronologically what it coincides with, a big delegation of NATO arrives to Georgia in the end of October and the irrevocability of Georgia's NATO membership plans was being registered and, by the way, the conference was planned for 2 November and then it was moved several days earlier in the very last minute... The rallies were planned for 2 November. Does not this tell anything to you? The rallies were scheduled for 2 November, and the conference was planned to take place on 2 November too, this was not a coincidence. So our reaction was a reaction to those complex factors which we were not talking about then, because we believed that it was an attempt of a coup, and by the way a successful attempt, because I resigned then," Saakashvili said in a televised interview on Rustavi 2. 


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