Late PM's widow responds to Saakashvili's statement on Zhvania's case


"Misha told me: 'ask me whatever you want, just leave the investigation alone,'" Nino Kadagidze, widow of the late Prime Minister of Georgia, Zurab Zhvania said at a press conference on 26 March in response to former President Mikheil Saakashvili's interview aired on Rustavi 2 TV station on 25 March.

"As for my meetings with Saakashvili, we had several meetings, the subject of all of them was one: we were always talking about the investigation. I can sum up these meetings with Misha's words: he told me: 'ask me whatever you want, just leave the investigation alone.' These are his words," Kadagidze said.

She made an explanation on the context of her alleged money-related conversation with the former President after Zhvania's death. "As for the money, the only time when I spoke about the money [with Saakashvili] was in the context when I was trying to talk about other possible versions, one of my versions was: because the head of the security took keys out of the pocket, opened both of his safes at night, maybe there was a moment of human greed and this murder, possibly happened because this person stole something from there. I knew that my personal belongings, kept in the safes, were lost. As for the statement, that Badri Patarkatsishvili told me something, it very much resembles to Tamar Dekanosidze's case, citing a dead person as a witness," Kadagidze said.

The late PM's widow spoke about the Youtube video, released last week, allegedly depicting the photos of Zurab Zhvania and Raul Usupov. Kadagidze said she had not seen the photos on the first stage of the investigation.

"As for the photo and video materials that were released, I had not seen these materials on the first stage of the investigation. The only photo which appeared in those materials was where [Zhvania] has his lip exposed and a bruise is visible on it. When I saw this photo, I told Adeishvili that this photo depicting this injury exists. Adeishvili said to bring the photos, they brought the images, but that photo was not there," Kadagidze said "As for publicizing the materials – the investigation is not yet over. I have not asked anyone not to publicize it, because, naturally, until the investigation is over, the materials cannot be publicized for various reasons, first of all because of the interests of the investigation." Kadagidze said that Zurab Zhvania's family agrees to exhume the ex-PM's body if needed.

Former President of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili spoke about the case of Georgia's ex-PM Zurab Zhvania on 25 March in a televised interview with Rustavi 2 TV station.

"Koba Kharshiladze, who's detained now, called me that this misfortune happened, that Zura died. He was calling with Zura's phone, so when I picked up I said 'yes, Zura.' This was an unimaginable shock for us... When Zurab died, his family members – his brother and his wife started talking about strange things. I asked [Zhvania's] wife to come to see me, she arrived. I told her, 'what are you talking about Nino? You were there, where it happened, you saw it all, you were present, do you believe that someone is hiding something?' she said 'no, no, I don't think so. What claims shall I have towards you.' However, I will never forget what she told me: 'You know that Zura, like all politicians, had a lot of money.' I told her 'I am a politician and I really do not have money and I do not think Zura had money...' [She said] 'One person told me that two days earlier he gave him a big amount of money and I now want to get part of that money. Probably the security guards might have accidentally taken this money before we arrived.' I told her: 'it appears we are talking about money here, we cannot agree about money.' Later it turned out that Patarkatsishvili, who, apparently two days earlier told her that he gave Zhvania a lot of money and did it consciously, because afterwards Patarkatsishvili was working on Zhvania's brother, in his office, like all the oligarchs, he wanted to start up this topic. The new one - Ivanishvili did the same. When there was such a relation with the brother and the wife [of Zhvania], I, of course, could not go to Zura's mother," Saakashvili said.

The former President called on the Georgian authorities to publish the conclusion of FBI on Zhvania's case, instead of speculations. "I am sorry, Partskhaladze's conclusion is complete, and the FBI conclusion sent by President Bush is not complete? There are two ways: publishing the immediate findings made by the world's best agency, and exhumation, which will reveal if there was any violence. All the questions will end. I am really sorry, that I am saying this about my friend, but they are playing this game," Saakashvili said.



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