Giga Bokeria: Prosecutor's Office fulfills political order


Giga Bokeria, the Foreign Relations Secretary of the United National Movement, has said that the questions he was asked during the interrogation were no surprise to him because over the past one year the ruling team and personally former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili repeatedly voiced allegations about the National Security Council having misspent budget amounts. It is absolutely incomprehensible why the current government views amounts spent on the country’s security policy as untargeted and illegal, Bokeria said when speaking on Rustavi 2 talk show Pozitsia  after he was interrogated during five hours by the Chief Prosecutor's Office on 4 April.

On 4 April, the Chief Prosecutor's Office summoned Giga Bokeria to be interrogated as a witness regarding the misspending of especially large amounts from the budget and the presidential reserve fund by the office of National Security Council when Bokeria served as Secretary of National Security Council. The entity said that the case is classified as secret and is being investigated by the investigative unit of Chief Prosecutor's Office.

According to Giga Bokeria, the Chief Prosecutor's Office was fulfilling a political order because Bidzina Ivanishvili repeatedly made public announcements that Bokeria would be questioned. One of such announcements came after The Washington Post published a critical article about the current government and Ivanishvili accused Bokeria of lobbying the edition, recalled the former Secretary of National Security Council.

Resources which the prosecution must spend on fighting the crime are used for political retaliation and political persecution of people or associations creating discomfort to the ruling party, Giga Bokeria noted. He believes that instead of wasting time and energy on persecuting opponents and trying to destroy opposition parties, the government must be focused on tackling economic and social problems of the country, because they will fail to destroy political opponents and will only harm the country.


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