Interior Minister: Attempts of destabilization to be punished severely

ალექსანდრე ჭიკაიძე

Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia Aleksandre Chikaidze has said in an interview to PrimeTime newspaper that certain groups in the country will try to cause unrest in order to strengthen their political interests, but such attempts are doomed to failure. According to Chikaidze members of the United National Movement (UNM) will try to provide false information to European leaders and thus gain support from certain circles. As he said, the aim of opponents might be to destabilize the situation, to undermine state institutions, to overthrow the government, et cetera.

"Even more, they brought EuroMaidan activists from Ukraine, are conducting trainings and preparatory works. This information is being reported by media. There are several non-governmental organizations behind them, actively working on ways of taking people to street, causing unrest and then having their people fire at someone and then blame the government for that. They plan to put up tents and mobilize 300-400 people there," Chikaidze said in the interview published on 7 April.

Interior Minister spoke about the ways of preventing attempts of destabilization. "They have a possibility to freely express their will, but groups which will try to destabilize the situation in the country, to beat people and opponents in order to blame the state for all that will be punished most severely. We will spare no efforts to prevent destabilization or any similar attempt," the Interior Minister said.

According to Chikaidze, "there is information that they may start to implement this scenario after the local elections, however, one cannot rule out that they will try to do that even before the elections."

In an interview to PrimeTime newspaper Aleksandre Chikaidze has alleged that the UNM is working on a EuroMaidan scenario and to this end, has even started buying tyres. According to Chikaidze events in Ukraine were triggered by the Ukrainian authorities' refusal to embrace democratic and European values. The Interior Minister believes that nothing of the kind is observed in Georgia.


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