EUMM issues ultimatum to Russian occupants


The European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) issued an ultimatum to Russian occupants. It gave 15 minutes to Russian border guards to get in touch and provide information about detained journalists. Moreover, the management of TV3 company has no information about whereabouts of its journalists. As Imeda Darsalia, the head of information service of TV3, told Tabula, the company has sent additional groups to the occupational line with Tskhinvali region to obtain information. He also said that the Interior Ministry and the Foreign Ministry are involved in the process of freeing the journalists.

On 15 April, Russian occupants detained a TV crew of TV3 company – journalist Bela Zakaidze, cameramen Vakho Lekiashvili and technician Mikheil Mikhoev – in the village of Adzvi along the occupational line with Tskhinvali region.

According to TV3 company, the TV crew arrived in Adzvi to cover the fact of moving the administrative border deeper into the Georgian-controlled territory. Russian occupants detained them when they were preparing the report.


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