President Margvelashvili on relations between Tbilisi and Moscow


President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili said on April 21 he is ready to meet his Russian counterpart if Moscow is ready to discuss the "most important topics". Margvelashvili said "preparatory works for meeting Vladimir Putin have not started."

"The position remains the same as it was during the very first comment when we said that if there is readiness to discuss the most important topics related to the relations between Russia and Georgia, we are ready for such meetings. Since then no list of the topics was drawn up, neither were any steps made to prepare the meeting on such topics," the President said.

Last February, in Sochi reporters asked the Russian President if he would meet his Georgian counterpart. "If he expresses wish, why not," Putin said in response. The Georgian President then commented on Putin's statement, saying he would "thoroughly analyze" the Russian leader's statement.

According to Margvelashvili, he follows any messages coming from the President of Russia with "great attention." "Georgia-Russia relations are one of the most painful and problematic relations that the state of Georgia is facing. Consequently, we will analyze this statement very seriously and thoroughly, we will hold consultations and draw up our position. If there is a possibility that this type of meeting can give a positive impulse to Georgia-Russia relations, if there is a very serious readiness to discuss very problematic topics, naturally, there is a ground to discuss these topics with the colleagues, hold consultations within the country, as well as with our western colleagues and think about such a meeting," Margvelashvili said.


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