Parliament of Georgia adopts anti-discrimination law

საქართველოს პარლამენტი Photo: RFE/RL

Parliament of Georgia has adopted the draft law on the elimination of any form of discrimination. By 104 votes against one, the anti-discrimination law passed its third reading on 2 May.

The law prohibits any form of discrimination of people, including on the grounds of age, health, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, profession, et cetera.

The law prohibits discrimination both in public and private spheres. The Public Defender of Georgia will ensure the monitoring of issues related to eliminating discrimination and guaranteeing equality.

Due to protest voiced by clergy and congregation, several articles of the draft law were amended during the process of consideration. In particular, a notion of "protection of public order and morals" was added to the draft law and actions committed to this end will not be considered the discrimination against a person.

A provision concerning the restriction was also deleted from the draft law. Namely, that provision prohibited restriction of those persons, towards whom hostile, degrading, intimidating or any other type of offensive environment exists in the country. As the ruling team explained, this provision was too obscure, allowing various interpretations and deleting it was deemed expedient.

The law, also, no longer includes a provision specifying the scope of law.

The anti-discrimination law was initiated by the government of Georgia. Non-governmental organizations say that the version of the law which was considered by the parliament is inefficient and differs from the version, which NGOs drafted together with the Justice Ministry, as many articles, including mechanism of sanctions, have been deleted from the draft law.


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