Suspect in severe beating of Davit Kodua arrested


Businessman Davit Kodua, a brother of former Head of Special Operative Department of the Interior Ministry Erekle Kodua who is on a wanted list, was severely beaten on 4 May. According to the information of his relatives, three or four masked men beat him in a street in the center of Tbilisi. Davit Kodua was admitted to the hospital and underwent a surgery. He is in an intensive care and according to doctors, his health condition is grave.

Later on 4 May, the Interior Ministry arrested Noshrevan Namoradze suspected of beating Davit Kodua. Namoradze confessed that he accidentally met Davit Kodua and retaliated against him. According to the suspect, in 2008 Davit and Erekle Kodua planned his arrest to seize his business. Namoradze was a founder of the company Tiflis Development and owner 50 percent of company's shares. "They stormed into my house, planted narcotics and arrested me. They took all my property and made me pay half a million lari. This was the motive [of retaliation]," Namoradze said in his confession released by the Interior Ministry. According to Namoradze he met with Davit Kodua some time ago and demanded the return of his property, but Kodua refused to settle the case.

The brother of the victim, Erekle Kodua is on Interpol's wanted list. The Chief Prosecutor's Office of Georgia brought several charges against Erekle Kodua: on 17 March he was charged with the abuse of official power and fraud, whilst on 24 April, with the beating of MP Valeri Gelashvili in 2005 and seizure of firearm belonging to the MP.


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