Prime Minister: Rustavi 2 has ability to improvise, shows initiative


"Rustavi 2 has the ability to improvise and shows initiative." This was a brief ironic remark of Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili on a statement made by Rustavi 2 TV company on 6 May. In that statement the TV channel accused the government of illegal eavesdropping and spying on the top management of the TV channel.

"Do you believe that? Perhaps, there are secret video cameras here too," Garibashvili asked a Rustavi 2 journalist.

"This TV channel is extraordinarily active. It has new ideas, ability to improvise, shows initiatives," Garibashvili said before meeting the visiting President of Turkey in Radisson hotel in Tbilisi.

The General Director of Rustavi 2 TV Company, Nika Gvaramia, and the host of talk show Pozitsia, Nino Shubladze, have been surreptitiously filmed, Nika Gvaramia declared at a special news conference on 6 May.

The Chief Prosecutor' s Office has already launched investigation into the case.


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