Eka Beselia: Journalists have no right to release illegal recordings


Chair of Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights and Civil Integration Eka Beselia has declared that media have no right to released secretly recorded materials.

"I cannot recall any provision in the Penal Code saying that journalists have the right to possess and release illegal recordings and that they enjoy inviolability and indulgence will be granted to them," Eka Beselia said on Rustavi 2 TV company on 10 May.

According to her, "everyone is equal before the law which means that no one has the right to keep and release illegal recordings."

"Let us not confuse the freedom of media with the journalistic activity in this article of the Civil Code – these are two different things. It refers to legally recorded material. We are talking about illegally obtained material, which is a criminal act," Beselia said.

The Chair of Parliamentary Committee for Human Rights said that General Director of Rustavi 2 Nika Gvaramia, who declared that he has secret recordings, is obliged to provide them to investigation.



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