Police officers demanded information on LGBT employed in Café Gallery


The manager of Café Gallery, Violetta Kolbaia, posted on her Facebook wall that in the evening on 14 May, police officers arrived at the night club and demanded the information about LGBT persons employed there.

"Friends, police officers came to Café Gallery and demanded that we provide information about gay, transgender and lesbian people working here and write names, surnames, phone numbers and living addresses of all of them. We, of course, did not give them that information. Before leaving, they threatened us to smash our computer if we make this information public," Kolbaia wrote on Facebook. According to her, law enforcement officers demanded that they deliver the requested information to the seventh department of the police before noon on 15 May.

Kolbaia also wrote on Facebook that law enforcement officers were from the seventh department too. As she recounted, police officers asked the head of security of Café Gallery when he fought last time. "When the head of our security said he did not remember, a police officer told him 'then, you will have to fight on 17 May'," Kolbaia wrote.

17 May is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia


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