Officials: rescue teams sent to landslide site in Dariali gorge


Rescue teams were sent from Tbilisi to the landslide site in Dariali Gorge, according to the statement published by the government of Georgia on 17 May. According to the statement, local rescue teams, as well as the patrol police teams and the emergency brigades have been mobilized at the site close to the borderline between Georgia and Russia in Dariali gorge. A big mass of land moved from the mountain near the hydro electric plant construction site, the government said in a statement. The information about the possible victims have not been confirmed yet, the officials said.

The authorities have started evacuating local population as the landslide blocked river Tergi in Dariali gorge. According to unconfirmed reports, three workers died as a result of the incident and three trucks and several persons have been trapped in the tunnel.


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