Deputy MFA: We may become witness of final phase of ethnic cleansing


Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister of Georgia Davit Jalaghania has said that either a resignation or an appointment of so-called leadership of occupied Abkhazia has no importance in legal terms. Any political action taking place in the occupied territories of Georgia is illegitimate and illegal by principles of both Georgian and international law, he said during a traditional news briefing at the Ministry on 2 June.

Asked about the threat of Georgian residents of Gali district being evicted from their homes, Jalaghania said:

"It cannot be ruled out that we become, God forbid, a witness of a new, perhaps, final phase of ethnic cleansing. I do not want to sound that as if the government of Georgia should start thinking about allocating territory and budget means for the resettlement of these people – there are no signs of that save the declared information; though this is a matter of concern." Davit Jalaghania noted that the Foreign Ministry is in constant communication on this issue with international partners.

"The mobilization and efforts of international community is that key instrument which we can apply to influence the situation," the Deputy Minister added.

After days of protest staged by the Abkhaz opposition, de facto Abkhaz president Aleksandr Ankvab stepped down. The Abkhaz opposition accused Ankvab of authoritarianism. Among other things, it demanded closer ties with Russia and voiced protest against granting the so called Abkhazian citizenship to ethnic Georgians.



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