Electoral body de-registers UNM candidate for post of Marneuli governor

Photo: primetimenews.ge

The election commission of the Marneuli electoral district has de-registered Akmamed Imamquliyev, the candidate for the position of the Marneuli governor from the United National Movement (UNM). According to the commission, Imamquliyev did not meet requirements for residing in Georgia as specified by the electoral law.

The UNM assessed the de-registration of Imamquliyev as a politically motivated move and a selective interpretation of the electoral legislation. According to the party, Georgian Dream MP Ali Mamedov personally met with Akmamed Imamquliyev to demand that he withdraw from the race.

"The election administration did not even consider a complaint questioning the compliance of Georgian Dream candidates for the post of mayors of Poti and Rustavi with the requirements of the law concerning the residence in Georgia. The de-registration of Akmamed Imamquliyev on the same ground is clearly politically motivated," the UNM said on 5 June.

On 30 May, non-governmental organizations released a statement about facts of pressure exerted on candidates running for the upcoming local elections. According to their information, the UNM candidate for the position of the Marneuli governor Akmamed Imamquliyev was passed on a message to withdraw his candidacy, however, back then Imamquliyev did not name the person who sent this message.


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