Interior Minister: All culprits will be punished after elections


Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandre Chikaidze has said that the pre-election moratorium declared by the Prime Minsiter of Georgia will extend to persons involved in the incident in Marneuli on 5 June. In parallel, however, the incident will be investigated but society will learn about culprits after the local elections.

"The investigation into the incident was launched on 5 June. We are conducting investigative actions, but given that the moratorium has been declared, we will say nothing for now. After the elections have been held everyone who was involved in the criminal action will be held accountable," Chikaidze said on 6 June.

On 5 June, the chairman of Marneuli district electoral commission took a decision on de-registering Akmamed Imamquliyev, the UNM candidate for the post of Marneuli governor. The UNM leaders arrived in Marneuli to voice their protests against the decision of the chairman of district electoral commission. In this regard, the Central Election Commission (CEC) released a statement in which it expressed its concern and noted that the UNM tried to "influence the decision making process." The CEC called on the UNM "to refrain from taking such actions which contain signs of pressurizing electoral administration and to act only within the framework of the law and in accordance with the legislation."

Later on 5 June, UNM MP Khatuna Gogorishvili said that on 12 May, Chairman of Parliament Davit Usupashvili passed on the message from the government proposing that the UNM withdraw its candidate in Marneuli.

On 6 June, Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili called on the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Chief Prosecutor to personally control the investigation into the incident in Marneuli. Garibashvili accused the UNM of pressurizing the chairman of Marneuli district electoral commission.


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