UNM leaders Giga Bokeria and Gigi Ugulava attacked yet again

Photo: primetimenews.ge

Representatives of the United National Movement (UNM) have been attacked and bombarded with eggs in Tsageri. According to UNM, members of the Georgian Dream tried to thwart a pre-election meeting with local population held by Giga Bokeria and Gigi Ugulava. They verbally offended the UNM leaders and bombarded them with eggs.

The UNM said the attack was organized by the Georgian Dream and involved local leaders of the ruling party and Georgian Dream candidates running for local council: Lasha Kvirkvelishvili, Gogita Akhvlediani, Ramaz Mirtskhulava, Mirian Khetsuriani, Tengiz Akhvlediani and Mamuka Chikovani.

According to the UNM, they will see now whether the government really means what its representatives declare - that any person involved in pressurizing opposition candidates will be punished adequately.

"We call on the government to stop the wanton campaign of pressure on political opponents and to engage in equal political rivalry. The government that does not have anything to offer to population tries to impede the campaign of its opponents. Full responsibility for the incident lies with the Georgian government and personally Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili," the UNM said.

This is not the first instance of pressure on the leaders of opposition. On 7 June, in Batumi, UNM leaders Giga Bokeria, Gigi Ugulava and Giorgi Baramidze were attacked by persons released from prison under the status of political prisoners. The brawl began when the UNM leaders were conducting a pre-election meeting with voters.

On 6 June, activists of the Georgian Dream coalition tried to storm the UNM office in Zugdidi and physically assaulted a UNM single-seat candidate Salome Makatsaria. According to the UNM, "activists sporting T-shirts with Georgian Dream logos were led by activists and leaders of Zugdidi organization of Georgian Dream Tengo Abuladze and Manuchar Malania, and a specialist of the Akhalsopeli local government Beso Kozua."

On 5 June, the chairman of Marneuli electoral district commission de-registered Akmamed Imamquliyev, the candidate for the position of the Marneuli governor from the United National Movement.

According to the press service of the Prime Minister of Georgia, any violence is categorically unacceptable for the government and no wrongdoing will be left unpunished.


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