Lomjaria: Activity of IATF was unsatisfactory this year

ნინო ლომჯარია Photo: რადიო "თავისუფლება"

Director of the International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy (ISFED) Nino Lomjaria said on Tabula TV program Focus that the activity of the Inter Agency Task Force for Free and Fair Elections (IATF) was not satisfactory this year. The ITAF did not show interest towards investigation into the facts reported or the progress of investigation.

"I do not think that the activity of IATF was satisfactory this year, even though the sittings were held regularly and the atmosphere was not unconstructive there and we were able to exchange the information.

"I negatively assess the reality that the IATF did not show interest towards investigation into the facts which we reported or towards the progress of investigation and what results it brought about, whether it resulted in preventing a concrete action or crime...

"The IATF has not published even a single written report of its activity on how the ITAF reacted to concrete allegations; this, I think, indicates that the IATF was not efficient in controlling the enforcement of its recommendations," Lomjaria said.


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