CEC completes counting votes in Tbilisi: Narmania - 46.13%, Melia - 27.91%


The Central Election Commission of Georgia completed counting the votes for the Mayoral Elections in Tbilisi on 17 June. The CEC said all votes have been counted in all 729 election precincts throughout the capital city.

According to the CEC, the Georgian Dream coalition's candidate, Davit Narmania received 46.13% of the votes, while the United National Movement's candidate, Nika Melia got 27.91% of the votes. These two candidates will run for the Mayor's position at the runoff.

The Central Election Commission said voter turnout was 37.3% in Tbilisi. Out of 25 majoritarian constituencies, the Georgian Dream candidates took 24 mandates in the City Assembly. The remaining seat was taken by independent candidate, Aleksandre Elisashvili.


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