Opera Australia stops Tamar Iveri's contract over homophobic remarks

თამარ ივერი Photo: operanews.com

Opera Australia stopped Georgian soprano Tamar Iveri's contract over her statements against LGBT persons. Last year Tamar Iveri posted a message on her Facebook page, in which she described LGBT persons as "faecal masses." Opera Autralia said Iveri's statement was "unconscionable". Foreign media outlets reported that Brussels Opera House also dropped Iveri from one of its upcoming productions scheduled to take place next year.

Last week a group of Australian opera fans, commentators and opera singers demanded through social networking websites to sack Tamar Iveri over her homophobic statement. Iveri posted an explanatory note on her Facebook page, saying "on the 17th of May 2013 a gay parade was supposed to pass directly in the yard of an Orthodox Church in Tbilisi. At the same place and for the same date a commemoration for Georgian soldiers killed in Afghanistan had been announced," adding that "besides myself my husband was using my Facebook account at that time and he is a very religious man with a tough attitude towards gay people. He copied my text, changed it considerably and posted it under my name. You might imagine that I was not happy with that at all and I immediately deleted it when I saw the text about half an hour later. This text does not express my own opinion. I'm afraid it was too late and the text was already spreading in the internet."

Last year Iveri apologized for her remarks, however she did not deny that the homophobic post was written by her personally, citing "being misinformed" about May 17 rally as a reason.


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