Lavrov: Russia to take measures in response to Association Agreement

ლავროვი Photo:

"If Russia decides that the Association Agreements with the European Union signed by Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine harms the Russian economy, it [Moscow] will take measures to defend itself," Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov said on 26 June. According to Lavrov, Moscow is ready for consultations with all three countries on the results of the Association Agreements with EU.

"We are ready for consultations in any format. However, as soon as the agreements signed by our CIS Free Trade Treaty partner states with EU are in force, and as soon as we hear that this negatively affects the Free Trade Zone functions, on the conditions under which we joined the World Trade Organization, we will of course take preventive measures following the WTO rules," Lavrov said.

The Russian diplomat said that Ukraine and Moldova are members of the Free Trade Agreement, while Georgia, which is not a member of the CIS, is a member of certain trade-economic agreements.


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