Court to deliver ruling on case of Tabula TV employee on 1 July


Tbilisi city court will deliver its ruling on the case of Tabula TV employee and two accompanying persons on 1 July. The trial on the administrative offence continued for more than five hours on 29 June. The Georgian Young Layers' Association is defending interests of the detainees.

At 01:00 a.m. on 28 June, the patrol police, without providing any explanation, arrested an employee of Tabula TV and two persons accompanying him and took them to the police department. As police officers said they had information that these people were armed and offered resistance to law enforcement officers. However, the information of the police proved wrong.

There was a doubt that police officers were inebriated. However, law enforcement officers left Tabula's question whether police officers were inebriated unanswered. To establish the truth, Tabula's lawyer called in the general inspection of the Interior Ministry, however they did not arrive at the department.

The detained Tabula employee was not allowed to exercise his right to defense as the law enforcement officers did not allow the lawyer to meet with him.

The detainees were then taken to a narcological facility to be tested whether they were under the influence of drugs. One of the detainees had traces of beating. His friends claim that he had no such trace before his arrest.


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