Bokeria: Novelty in Association Agenda is emphasis on selective justice


Foreign Relations Secretary of United National Movement Giga Bokeria has said that the Association Agenda is a new document developed on the basis of a historic document - the Association Agreement between the European Union and Georgia. According to Bokeria, the Association Agreement was basically drawn up under the rule of the former government, however, it did not contain those novelties which can now be seen in the Association Agenda.

"As a novelty here is the emphasis placed on selective justice; also on that irresponsible situation which has emerged between the prime minister and the president of Georgia. These novelties have appeared in the document because of that reality in which we are now – when opposition leaders are arrested a week prior to the election, before that the General Secretary of the party and other former ministers [were arersted]; when political motives, selective justice and political persecution are obvious. As regards the Law on Occupied Territories, this issue has not made it into the priorities of the document – it seems the new government chose not to conduct discussions on this issue with the European Union. I would not have made such a choice," Bokeria said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia has published an unofficial translation of the Association Agenda between the European Union and Georgia. According to the document, the priorities of Association Agenda, inter alia, include a political dialogue which will seek the strengthening of the stability, independence and effectiveness of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights, ensuring the democratic conduct of elections; ensuring respect for the roles of the Prime Minister and President under the constitution, and adequate checks and balances in the political system. Among other areas identified as priorities in the EU-Georgia Association Agenda is the further reformation of the justice sector, in particular ensuring "the independence, efficiency, impartiality and professionalism of the judiciary and the prosecution, as well as of law enforcement agencies which should be free from political or any other undue interference;" and ensuring "that criminal prosecutions are conducted in a transparent and impartial manner, free of political motivation, in order to avoid any politically motivated selective justice."


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